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What does Cobbs Capital offer?

  • Cobbs Capital offers a broad spectrum of educational material and investing-related services to aid in all financial endeavors. From trading and investing insight to webinars, personalized training, and member specific strategies, Cobbs Capital's makes its robust resources available to all members in an effort to further their financial knowledge, grow their capital, and scale their portfolios.

DO I need to subscribe to join the discord?

  • As someone interested in joining Cobbs Capital you would need to subscribe to gain full access to the Discord Server; however, you can request a 2-day free trial to see how we operate.


  • Cobbs Capital engages in various forms of trading and investing each business day, Monday to Friday. Cobbs Capital also holds its events, webinars, and conducts personalized training throughout the week including weekends and holidays. 

  • It should be noted that Cobbs Capital does not engage in trading or investing practices during national holidays, bank holidays, or stock market closures.

How do I join the Cobbs Capital Webinars?

  • Subscribing members can register for Cobbs Capital webinars through our Events page. Simply RSVP and confirm the time slot available and an entry-link will be provided days before the webinar begins. 

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